Meet the Dreamers
Documentary filmmaker Mitch Lieding takes you back to Rhode Island to meet the original creative team, introducing the men and women who brought you GI Joe!

Product development guru Don Levine headed up the GI Joe project from 1964 to 1972.

Designer Sam Speers engineered the original articulated figure and continued working on the Joe line up through the early 1970's.

Designer Janet Downing-Taylor worked on the early prototype Joe figure and packaging layout.

Marketing pro Jerry Einhorn used his creative skills to secure real uniforms and weapons for use as models in designing the GI Joe line.

Advertising Manager Steve Soulos worked with the team to create the marketing vision for GI Joe.

Artists Sam Petrucci and George Eisenberg created the original artwork for the GI Joe boxes and equipment sets.

Artist Virginia Perry-Gardiner sculpted the heads for the GI Joe foreign soldiers and nurse figures.

Producer Tom Griffin and his partner Joe Bacal brought most of the GI Joe commercials to television.

International licensing by Bill Lansing brought Joe to the global market.

Chief Executive Officer Alan Hassenfeld and son of Hasbro’s founder Merrill Hassenfeld tells the story of what GI Joe meant to Hasbro.

Designer Kirk Bozigian worked on the 3-3/4" and the 12" Hall Of Fame GI Joe lines.

From the CEO on down, you will hear Hasbro employees, past and present, tell the continuing story of the GI Joe action figure.